Thursday, May 30, 2013

Epoch Resolves Complaints

Sometimes a customer is not sure why they've received a charge from Epoch.  That's because we are the payment service provider for thousands of online merchants.  So, how do you know what you've been charged for?

Epoch sent you an email confirmation (purchase receipt) for your initial purchase which describes what you bought, the name of the website from which you made the purchase, the terms of the purchase, your order ID, and a link to our customer service should you have any questions.

If you did not receive your email receipt for the transaction, then you can easily find out the details by using the Purchase Finder on Epoch's home page.  There you can review any charges processed by Epoch and see exactly what they were for and when they were made.

People understandably get upset when they think someone has taken their money without authorization.  They feel they've been ripped off or have fallen victim to a scam.  While it is a possibility that someone may have used your credit or debit card without your knowledge, it is very rarely the case.  People often make purchases they later forget about.  A quick review from the Epoch website or with a helpful customer service representative can help you recall what you bought.  

If you wish to find out why you received a charge from Epoch, this is how you do it: 

1)  Use your email search field and type in "Epoch" to try to retrieve your email receipt.  Information about your purchase and how to contact customer support can be found there.

2)  If you can't locate your receipt, go to where you can use the Purchase Finder tool to identify the purchase made to your card.  

3)  If you're still having trouble, you can call our customer support center any time of day and get a live agent on the phone within seconds.  There are no endless menus to navigate and calls are generally connected to a helpful agent within fifteen seconds.

4) If you'd rather not call, you may use our live chat option.  You'll be connected to a helpful agent within a few seconds.

5) Alternatively you may send us an email with any question you have. Write to

In the unfortunate circumstance that your card number has been compromised, we'll be happy to help you resolve the charges.  You will then want to contact your bank's fraud department and report your card as stolen so they may issue you a new card number.  If you delay reporting a lost, stolen, or compromised card, your liability for additional fraudulent purchases increases.

Epoch is a trusted name since 1996 and we never forget that we are a service industry.  We're always here to help.

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